231 Adamic Hill Road, Milford, New Jersey 08848, United States

(908) 995-4365

We're a Veteran and family owned and operated Christmas tree farm.

Wreaths and Greens

12" Wreaths


We have wreaths made by hand from the farm fresh  boughs of our Douglas Fir Christmas Trees.  Pick a plain or decorated wreath, or choose your decorations and we will add them while you wait!

$20 Plain

$25 Decorated



Our roping is handmade and is priced by the foot.  Please call or message us if you are interested so we can have it ready for pick up!

$3.00 ft

All rope is undecorated. If you would like it decorated please email use or call.

Grave Blankets


Handmade plain and decorated grave blankets!

$25 Plain

$30 Decorated

more wreaths and greens

16" Wreaths

$30 Plain

$ 35 Decorative

48" Wreath

$70 Plain

$75 Decorative

Candy Cane Wreath

$20 Plain

$25 Decorative

Cross Wreath

$20 Plain

$25 Decorative

Mailbox Swag

$20 Plain

$25 Decorative

Star Wreath

$25 Wreath

$30 Decorative

Door Swag

$20 Plain

$25 Decorative

Grave Arrangement - Sm

$15 Plain

$20 Decorative

Table Arrangement - LG

$20 Plain

$25 Decorative

Table Arrangment - SM

$10 Plain

$15 Decorative

10" Centerpiece

$25 Plain

$30 Decorative


Button Ornaments


Mug Wraps and Mats

$3 Each

Decorative Mini Quilts


Wreath - Graveblanket Order Form

Below is our form for Wreath and Grave Blanket orders. Please email all forms to jonibear04@gmail.com once complete. You will pay once picked up. We do not deliver.