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We're a Veteran and family owned and operated Christmas tree farm.

Important Information

Dog Policy



If you bring your furry friend to the farm, please adhere to the following:

  • Dogs must remain on a 6 foot leash at all times.

  • Owners must control their pets at all times. Do not allow pets to jump on or bother other guests.

  • Please clean up after your dog. Trash receptacles are available at the Barn.

  • Owners assume all responsibility and liability for their pets.

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Farm reserves the right to modify this policy at anytime or to ask guests to remove their pets from the property at anytime.

Absolutely No Chainsaws Allowed!


  • Our insurance carrier does not allow customer use of gasoline or electric chainsaws on the farm.  
  • Bow saws are provided to our customers free of charge.

spotted lanternfly -- no need to worry!


About the Spotted Lanternfly

  • The spotted lanternfly was initially detected in the United States in Berks County, Pennsylvania in 2014 and has since spread throughout 13 counties in southeastern Pennsylvania. More recently, the spotted lanternfly has also been found in Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Virginia. 

  • The spotted lanternfly is a threat to agriculture, potentially causing serious damage to grapevines, tree fruit and woody ornamentals. The spotted lanternfly is not a threat to humans, animals or homes.

  •  To slow or stop the spread, several of the above-mentioned states have imposed quarantines regulating the movement of plants, plant-based materials and outdoor household items out of the quarantine area.

  • For specific details on the quarantine areas within these states, please visit: https://www.northeastipm.org/working-groups/spotted-lanternfly/spotted-lanternfly-quarantine-and-reporting-information/

Spotted Lanternfly and Christmas Trees 

  • Christmas trees are not a preferred host for spotted lanternflies. It is unlikely that a spotted lanternfly would inhabit or lay eggs on a Christmas tree.

  • Although it is unlikely that a spotted lanternfly or its eggs will be on a Christmas tree, if this were to happen it is important to remember that the pest poses no threat to humans, animals or homes and will die quickly.

  • Christmas tree growers in the states in which the spotted lanternfly has been detected are working closely with the state departments of agriculture to ensure that spotted lanternfly quarantine requirements are met prior to the sale of Christmas trees, including participating in training sessions designed to educate growers about how to minimize the threat of this pest.

  • Christmas tree growers in all states follow integrated pest management practices to minimize such threats.

  • If consumers are concerned, they are encouraged to inspect the tree prior to purchase. Spotted lanternfly egg masses are visible on the bark if present and can be easily removed.

For more information about the spotted lanternfly, please visit the following resources:



Penn State Extension Article

Please click on the link below  to read an article from Penn State  regarding  the low risk of the Spotted Lanternfly on Christmas Trees